Super Easy way to make Hard Boiled Eggs


 Easy Hard Boiled Eggs

Are you an egg lover?  Well, we’ve got a new and simple way of preparing your hard boiled eggs. This is a relatively easy way of cooking eggs and it is with an appliance you may already have on your kitchen counter, it’s the air fryer.

If you’re making hard boiled eggs for your keto diet, deviled eggs, or just everyday snacking, it will now be much easier.  Air fryer hard boiled eggs don’t need water and once ready,  can be quite easy to peel.  Try making air fryer hard boiled eggs….we use the Dash large air fryer as shown below, if you click on the picture below you’ll be able to check the current price.


How to use an air fryer to make hard boiled eggs.

Air fryer hard boiled eggs


Whether you’re preparing hard boiled eggs for dying your Easter eggs, making deviled eggs or cobb salad or keto snacks, you should give air fryer hard boiled eggs a try, and here’s how to do it, along with some helpful tips:

How to prepare air fryer hard boiled eggs


  • Set your air fryer to 250°F and preheat.
  • Add 6-12 eggs to the air fryer basket depending on the size of your fryer. Be sure to just put a single layer of eggs in the basket or on rack.
  • Set timer to cook the eggs: Approximate Timing: 11 minutes-soft, 13 minutes- medium, 16 minutes-hard boiled
  • After cooked, put eggs in a bowl filled with ice and water to prevent further cooking
  • Cool,  peel and enjoy!

Tips for preparing air fryer hard boiled eggs:

  • Don’t panic if you notice the outer shell of the eggs having spots on them when cooked, this is normal.
  • Once cooked, be sure to use tongs or a spoon to remove eggs from air fryer, they will be very hot.
  • Give the eggs time to cool thoroughly in the ice bath before attempting to peel them.
  • All air fryers have varying watts and strength.  Try cooking fewer eggs in several batches each time to see what time and doneness you prefer.

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