Family Fun Easter Basket Stuffers

Easter Basket Stuffer Ideas

Do you make Easter baskets for each of your kids or do you make one big Easter basket for the whole family?  Do you always add the classic Easter candies or only include candies they like? Do you need new ideas for a fun Easter basket stuffer?

When the kids were younger we made individual baskets for each child, as they got older we’d do one big basket with one chocolate bunny and a bit of everyone’s favorite candies and fun activities to play on Easter day.

Each Easter basket stuffer always included:

  • a chocolate bunny
  • jelly beans
  • peeps
  • speckled eggs
  •  a book
  •  a fun activity or craft
  • A toy
  • A new toothbrush

Or it just wasn’t complete…in my humble opinion.  Nevermind that not one of the six of us likes peeps, and only two in the family like jelly beans!



As I mentioned, at some point as the kids got a little older we changed to one big family Easter basket, thank goodness…not as many peeps and jelly beans left over after Easter!

So in addition to the classic Easter candies like a chocolate bunny, peeps, jelly beans, and speckled eggs our family basket always includes fun family Easter basket stuffers… things that bring out the little kid in all of us.

These Easter basket stuffer ideas are fun for adults and kids of all ages, and you can easily buy them online, or at Walmart, Target, Dollar Tree, Walgreens, etc.  Here are some fun easter basket stuffer ideas for your family to enjoy on Easter day:



sidewalk chalk



Happy Easter to you and your family!

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