Northern Exposure TV Show

Northern Exposure TV Series


I was hoping this tv series would make a comeback and be shown on a streaming platform like Netflux or Hulu, I think people would really enjoy it.  But, unfortunately it doesn’t look like that will happen any time soon, for a variety of reasons, including cost and music rights.  Luckily though, I was able to purchase the dvd set on Amazon, and we are really enjoying rewatching Northern Exposure many years after it’s initial run.

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We loved this Emmy and Peabody award winning 90’s tv show set in a small Alaska town with a fun quirky cast of characters, including John Corbett.

If you like shows like Schitt’s Creek, Twin Peaks, Six Feet Under,  you’ll probably like Northern Exposure.

Unfortunately,  Northern Exposure can’t be seen on any streaming services, but luckily, all six seasons are available on this DVD set.

Hurray, I just started my Christmas shopping, and bought 2 dvd sets for Christmas gifts! Treat yourself or someone special to this weird, wacky and philosophical world of Cicely, Alaska

Buy the Northern Exposure dvd set here



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In the show Northern Exposure, Rob Morrow played a New York City native Joel Fleischman, a recent physician graduate who is sent to practice in Anchorage, Alaska for several years to repay the state of Alaska for underwriting his medical education. However, much to his chagrin, he is assigned to the much smaller and remote town of Cicely, which is in need of a general practitioner. Originally the show focused on Fleischman’s fish-out-of-water experiences in rural Alaska, but as it progressed, it became more of an ensemble show, focusing on various other fun unique Cicely residents.

The series was created by Joshua Brand and John Falsey, who also created the award-winning shows St. Elsewhere and I’ll Fly Away.

Over the course of Northern Exposure’s run, the cast and crew won seven Emmy Awards out of 39 nominations.

The series won two Golden Globe awards for Best Drama series, in 1992 and 1993. In addition, Morrow and Turner were each nominated three times consecutively from 1992 to 1994 for Best Actor and Actress, while Corbett was nominated in 1993 for his supporting role.

The series won Peabody Awards in 1991–92 for the show’s “depiction in a comedic and often poetic way, of the cultural clash between a transplanted New York City doctor and the townspeople of fictional Cicely, Alaska” and its stories of “people of different backgrounds and experiences” clashing but who ultimately “strive to accept their differences and co-exist”.

Hope you enjoy binge watching

Northern Exposure !


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Cast of Northern Exposure:

Rob Morrow
Barry Corbin
Janine Turner
John Cullum
Darren E. Burrows
John Corbett
Cynthia Geary
Elaine Miles
Peg Phillips
Paul Provenza
Teri Polo

Northern Exposure dvd


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