Easy Last Minute DIY Halloween Treats

Easy Halloween treatsEasy Halloween Treats

These fun and easy Halloween treats can be whipped up in no time for your family and friends.  Even if you’re not having a Halloween party, why not make these as a fun snack or dessert just for you and your family, they are sure to love these fun treats.


Easy Halloween Treats




Easy Halloween Treats

1. Frankenguac

This fun easy Halloween treat is so easy to make and looks so impressive. You can purchase all the ingredients at your local Walmart or supermarket.  You’ll need guacamole, sour cream, blue corn tortilla chips and olives.

To make this Frankenstein guacamole dish, just spread the guacamole on a platter and decorate Frankenstein’s face as shown in the picture with the chips, sour cream and olives.


Easy Halloween Treats

2. Nutter Butter Ghost Cookies

So simple to make, you’ll just need 3 ingredients – nutter butter cookies, a can of vanilla frosting, and mini chocolate chips.  Spread the frosting on the cookies, add the chips for eyes and there you have it, easy peasy, an easy Halloween treat!

Buy the nutter butter cookies and frosting here:




Easy Halloween Treats

3. Banana Ghosts

This easy Halloween treat is the quickest and easiest of all.  Just peel bananas, cut in half, add mini chocolate chops for eyes and you’re good to go!




Easy Halloween Treats

4. Hotdog Mummies

This is a great easy Halloween treat where you can put the kids to work.  You can either use the mini hotdogs or buy full size hotdogs and cut them in pieces.  Wrap the hotdogs with canned biscuts, either crescent rolls or regular biscuits will do for these magnificent mummies.  Don’t forget to serve with sides of ketchup and mustard.



Easy Halloween Treats

5. Witches Hat Cookies

This is my favorite easy Halloween treat because they are so delicious, just chocolate and shortbread, yum! These fabulous witches hats are made with fudge stripe cookies – you can by the name brand at the supermarket or you can buy fudge stripe cookies at Dollar Tree.  You’ll also need a can of vanilla frosting, some orange food coloring to tint the frosting, and Hershey Kisses candies.

To make the witch hats just turn the cookie upside down, add a dollop of orange frosting and press a Hershey Kiss down on top of the frosting, ta da you’re done!

Buy the fudge stripe cookies and kisses here:





Easy Halloween Treats

6. Ghost in the Graveyard Pudding Cups

So fun and so easy to do!  You’ll need chocolate pudding cups, oreo-like sandwich cookies crushed, pumpkin candies and ghost peeps candies.  These easy Halloween treats are great for trick or treaters of all ages; and they look great on display at your party or get together.

Buy the pudding cups and peeps here:




Easy Halloween Treats

7.  Cutie Pumpkins / Clementine Pumkins

For these peeled cutie orange treats just peel and add a piece of celery stalk for the pumpkin stem.  Healthy and easy Halloween treat!

For unpeeled treats just grab a black sharpie marker and go to town decorating the clementine oranges with fun faces.



8. Oreo Spiders

So cute!  Oreo cookies, mini m&m’s, canned chocolate frosting and black licorice is all you need to make these easy Halloween treats.  Cut the licorise into pieces for legs and attach the m&m eyes with the chocolate frosting.  You can either use Halloween Oreos or just plain white Oreo cookies.

Buy the Oreo cookies and licorice here:




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